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Spaced Out


August Cameron Davis


August Cameron Davis (Aug.Cam.Dav.), also known as “Mooch”, is a Black visual artist from West Philadelphia. His creative curiosity has fueled a lifetime of experimentation with application techniques using various media, acrylics, pencils, airbrush, and digital. His innovative ideas combined with his artistic ability and excellent orchestration of composition and color has resulted in a widely respected and sought after body of work.

As a self-taught artist, he began by airbrushing t-shirts and interior murals, allowing him to hone his craft and begin building a client base right in his own neighborhood.  August draws inspiration from pop culture, music, sports, current events, and life experiences.  His art style is a merge of inner city life, hip hop, comic book, graffiti, music and fine art, incorporating traditional techniques with modern application.

In 1999, August created Mperial Illustrations & Art, a company that highlights his artistic talents and serves his mission: to create visual statements, messages, and stories of his own and make those of his clients come to life.

August spends his free time with his wife (and real genius behind the scenes) and ten year old daughter, riding his bike around the city and meeting up with friends.

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